PayPal for UK Players

Casino Tropez is known for its innovation and constant improvement of the gaming environment. This is not only true for the casino games and the comprehensive bonus package, but also for the payment services, because a comfortable transaction of funds is as important for a joyful casino experience as entertaining casino games and lucrative bonuses.
This is why Casino Tropez is proud to announce that it has added a new payment service for players from the UK and Ireland.

What is Paypal?

Paypal is a Luxembourg-registered credit institute (meaning it is a real bank). It allows any company or person to safely and cost-effectively send and receive money online. All you need to have in order to use it is a valid email address. Paypal started as a service for eBay users, but has progressed far beyond that. Today it is the most widely used online payment service world-wide. It is used not only by online shops and other Internet sites, but also by offline businesses, like lawyers, contractors, and doctors. There is no better proof of quality than this. And this is also the reason why Casino Tropez has added PayPal as a payment method (limited at this stage to players from the UK and Ireland, with more areas to follow). There is even a mobile payment service called PayPal Here that allows you to safely transfer funds with your mobile phone and/or device!

How to get started with PayPal

Paypal is very easy to use. All you need to do is register at PayPal with your email address. All the details and info you need to enter is explained in a step by step process and you can complete the registration in about five minutes. We recommend adding your bank account, through which you can pay out your Casino Tropez winnings. This will take some time, because PayPal is very keen on security. The company will need to verify the authenticity of your real-life bank account. This may seem a bit slow, but since PayPal is a real bank required to follow EU regulations, you will get maximum data security. After registration, using PayPal is really a breeze. You can transfer money between accounts with a less than five clicks of your mouse. Transactions are very fast and seldom take more than two business days. Of course, you also can register a credit card at PayPal and use the service the same way that you use a bank account.
If you want to pay with PayPal you only need to click the link on the website and you are automatically directed to PayPal. Just enter your email address and password, click “pay now” and it is done. There is no easier way.

Why should you use PayPal?

First of all, like we said, PayPal is a real bank. Therefore, PayPal is bound by law to register and verify every customer and transaction with the proper authorities. The “PayPal verified” badge can be found at countless Online Shops and has become a trademark for secure and reliable online businesses. The EU Banking Commission has very strict regulations that are aimed towards customer safety and transaction transparency. PayPal would not be able to proceed with its business if it did not carefully follow these rules.
Of course, PayPal is not the only online payment service that offers such security. So, why should you use it? First of all, it is one of the most reliable services available. Its features are mostly automated and very easy to use. Plus, no other payment method enables transactions faster than those provided by PayPal. Other payment services enact transfers within 3 to 5 business days. At PayPal, transactions are normally handled within 2 to 3 days.
And if you want to use your account beyond the transactions with Casino Tropez, there is no better service than PayPal.

It’s Fast&Secure

PayPal tracks all payments and guarantees highest security besides immediate transactions. One click and the transfer is done. No more waiting for confirmations and delays on holidays or weekends - its click&play. Since no bank account numbers are requested, paypal provides an extra layer of security to the already secured Playtech software. So what is there more to say other then if you want to double secure your transactions then Casino Tropez and Paypal is a perfect match!


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