Guess the Game

Every week at Casino Tropez we give you the opportunity to earn 10% extra on top of your deposit when you correctly “Guess the Game”.

The casino shows you an image and gives you three hints. We strongly suggest that you go to our software to locate the game, even if you think you know the answer. Better safe than sorry!

Once you are 100% sure you know the correct answer, contact our helpful Customer Support team. If you're right, the bonus will be issued with your next deposit.

Not sure of your answer? It doesn't matter! Contact Support anyway, because no matter if your answer is right or wrong you'll always receive a bonus.

Okay, ready? Here we go...

Guess the Game

This Week's Game

Get ready for one roller coaster of a ride.

Then taste my scrumptious treats.

You're sure to be amused, if not entirely thrilled each time you play.

Email us now to submit your answer! support [at] casinotropez [dot] com


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