10 Reasons To Bet on Black

There are no doubt lots of different strategies when it comes to playing roulette. Some people will tell you to bet 'red' while others will tell you to go with an 'even' number or to go with some 'lucky' number like your birth date.
As for me, I prefer the 'Wesley Snipes' method. Does anybody remember his 1992 airplane thriller movie, 'Passenger 57'? There's a great line in the film that Snipes' character (Carter) says when he's talking to the terrorist on the phone:
John Cutter: Charlie, ever played roulette?
Charles Rane: On occasion.
John Cutter: Well, let me give you a word of advice. Always bet on black!

(Spoiler alert: Snipes wasn’t talking about gambling at an airport casino though.)

It got me thinking, what are some other reasons to 'always bet on black'. Here is my Top 10 List:


#10. Nobody drinks their coffee 'red'

always bet on black
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I can just imagine going into a coffee house and ordering a 'red' coffee. No way! But, maybe if it was a vampire coffee house they just might serve their coffee bright red.

#9. When you are at the casino and hit '21' you don't yell: 'REDJACK'!

At the casino and hit '21' you don't yell: 'REDJACK'!
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Dealer: Sir, would you like another card?
You: Nope, I've got exactly 21- 'Redjack'!


 #8. They say black is slimming.

black is slimming
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Now this may be a valid point. Black is a slimming color. Red is far too flashy. Some studies show that people who drive red cars get more speeding tickets. All bright colors, including red, stand out, so chances are police will look at the brighter color since everybody else is driving black, white, and silver.

#7. Nobody likes 'being in the red'.

Nobody likes 'being in the red
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The business term "in the red" (being in debt) originated from the early days of accounting when negative numbers were recorded in the books with red ink. 

#6. People who know fashion know that 'black goes with everything'

Whether it’s what to give or what to wear, black goes with everything! The classic color is timeless in a dress, suit, or as a present. We all own something black. It seems that black is the perfect color to blend into any household. 

black goes with everything
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#5. Men in Black are cool! Men in red? Not so much

Men in Black are cool
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Everyone knows 'The Men in Black' (MIB); they are the definition of cool. They wear all black and fight aliens. As for superheroes wearing the color red, for Superman it might be OK, but that's pretty much it!


#4. Remember that red Christmas sweater your mother in law bought

you? Exactly - Bet on black!

red Christmas sweater your mother in law bought you? Exactly - Bet on black
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By the way, do you remember the sweater that Colin Firth wore in the movie 'Brigit Jones Diary'. That was awful (OK, it wasn't red, but still awful!) 

#3. Haven't you heard the expression, 'black is beautiful'?

black is beautiful
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#2. Johnny Cash was 'the man in black'. Enough said.

Johnny Cash was 'the man in black'
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And the number 1 reason to bet on black:

#1. Well, you know what they say, once you go black…

Well, you know what they say, once you go black
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