Win at Roulette – tips and tricks

Tips and Tricks to win at Roulette

On the surface, roulette appears to be nothing more than a pure game of chance. You place your bet, you spin the wheel, and the outcome is beyond your control. Whether you bet on red or black, 1 or 36, your winning or losing is a matter of luck of the draw (or spin, in this case). Right?
Well, for any one individual bet, that’s certainly true. You can’t possibly influence whether you win or lose a given wager. But over time, how do you develop and change your betting strategy? Do your wagers get bigger, smaller, or remain the same, and why? That’s a far more interesting question, and it might actually have a real effect on whether you ultimately win or lose at roulette, either in a brick-and-mortar or online casinos. Or it might not. Let’s break it down.

The Martingale System – Progression As A Winning Strategy

The Martingale strategy is a long-standing school of thought on how to come out ahead at roulette or any other kind of luck-based wagering. It dates back to the 1700s, where the idea originated in France. The concept goes a little something like this:
Let’s say you sit down at the roulette table and put $1 on black. If you win, the croupier returns $2, and you’re up a dollar.

If you lose, here’s the next step: Double your bet. If you win now, the croupier returns $4, and you’ve wagered $3 in total – you finish up $1. Then reset to betting $1 again. If you lose again, then double again and bet $4.
If you win at the $4 stage, you’ve bet $7 to win $8. If you lose six bets in a row but win the seventh, you’ve bet $127 to win $128. If you don’t win until the 29th bet, that’s fine – you’ve wagered $536,870,911 and won $536,870,912. No matter what happens, you win a dollar, and then you start over and bet $1 again.
Sounds foolproof, right? Just keep playing like this, and you’ll never lose. Except for one thing: Chances are, you don’t have 536,870,911 one-dollar bills in your wallet. The amount of money you’re playing with is finite, and if you lose it in one big streak, your previous winnings are all for naught. Also, most tables have a betting limit which you can exceed quickly when using the martingale strategy.
The Martingale strategy is only guaranteed to work, mathematically speaking if you have an infinite amount of money to gamble with. And let’s be honest – if you have plenty of money already, you probably have way more fun things to do than plug away at roulette, winning a buck at a time.
So, are there different approaches to the roulette wheel, different betting strategies that helps you win at roulette? There certainly are. 

Playing Outside Bets – Maximized Chances, Minimized Losses

Outside bets on the roulette tableau are the best chance for you to maximize your winning chances with a minimal risk of losing. Let’s be honest, betting on one number may promise the big break, but the odds are with 2.70% (roughly 37:1 when playing the favorable European Roulette) more than against you. So while it may be fun to bet on your lucky number once in a while, it is not a good strategy to win at roulette. Outside bets – red, black, even, odd, 1 to 18 and 19 to 36 – have a chance of nearly 50:50 (48.65% at a European table to be precise). These are the best odds you will get on a roulette table and at most other casinos games, too by the way. Yes, the payout is only even money, so you’ll get a dollar for every dollar bet, but it works the other way round, too. Since your odds are better you will lose less money. Also, be on the lookout for the “en prison” rule at European tables, it will make your chances even better. 

Maximizing Numbers – Favorable Inside Bets

If you are bored by the outside bets and want to get into the numbers, be sure to hit the insider bets with the best chances. You can on a dozen numbers or a whole column of the tableau (both bets have odds of 32.43% and pay out 2:1) or at least bet a six number bet, also known as Double Street bet. Here you get payouts from 5:1 and odds of 16.22%, which is pretty risky already. This is the most risky bet you should take, if you want to play risky. We recommend sticking to the lower paying bets, since you will win more and lose less – the wheel will not get less entertaining when you heed this advice, we promise.

Play European Roulette Whenever Possible

There is just no nice way to say it: European rules are far superior when it comes to playing a winning strategy. American Roulette has the double zero which nearly doubles the house edge and many of the above mentioned favorable bets are missing. So, unless you have no other choice, turn to the European wheel. It may still be a game of chance, but it can never hurt to  tip the scale in your favor ever so slightly.

Find Your Game, Your Time, Your Strategy 

Ask twenty players how to win at roulette and you will receive 21 different answers. Every player favors a certain betting scheme, a different approach of the outside bets and a different winning strategy. So, like any other player out there, you will have to find your game. Listen to other pro-players and test if their systems are for you. Do this at a free roulette game, so you don’t gamble away your budget. There is no single right choice – if there was one, everybody would be using it. So find the system best suited for your style, your budget – and your nerves. Yes, one integral part of playing successfully is to know when to take break. Playing is fun and can be pretty exciting – but your concentration will falter after a while, so be sure to take break before that happens. Roulette is supposed to entertaining, so when you start to get annoyed, just stop for a while. Play a free slot game to unwind or take a walk outside. This will make you a better player.

Keep Your Budget In Control

Every player worth his salt should already know that, but we would be amiss if we left out budget management. Always set aside a percentage of your profits, do not chase your losses and always – always – keep the money you need to live and the money you play strictly separated. Never exceed your budget, don’t get aggravated over losses, they will happen. If you win big, stop playing. Go out with friends, give a little bit to charity and be happy about your luck – do not gamble it away the same night. In other words play smart and responsibly. 


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