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If you’re a roulette aficionado, Casino Tropez is THE place to find the right roulette game to meet your tastes. We’ve got practically every variety of roulette under the sun, including 3 of the most popular: European Roulette, American Roulette, and French Roulette. With so many different types of roulette games on offer, sometimes your roulette odds payouts can become confusing, even if you’re an experienced player.

It’s with that in mind that we’re happy to present you with this infographic, which will help clarify the maze of bets and odds at your disposal as you play one of the most popular classic table games of all time.




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Random number generation is at the heart of online roulette. An algorithm makes it impossible to predict the exact result of any individual spin.

Depending on the particular type of game being played, the online roulette odds chart of your chances of winning on the bets you make changes slightly. Generally speaking, since American Roulette features an additional zero slots, the roulette odds payout on your bets is ever-so-slightly lower. If you take a close look at the infographic’s second section (Popular Types of Roulette), you’ll see that it lists a wide variety of different roulette odds and probabilities for each of the most common versions of the game.

Moreover, some types of online roulette games feature unique rules. For instance, French Roulette features the La Partage and En Prison rules while European Roulette has the has the En Parte feature, each of which are considered to be advantageous to the player. It’s important to be aware of the unique features of each different style of roulette game. These game-specific rules have the potential to alter your roulette odds payouts, so this should slightly affect the strategies you use while playing.

VIPs at Casino Tropez have the ability to make the most money, as your online roulette betting limits increase in tandem with your VIP level. On a strictly mathematical level however, your roulette odds payouts remain the same – you’ve just got the chance to win bigger sums of money if your bets are that much larger.

If you choose to play Live Dealer games, your betting should certainly not be affected by legendary roulette myths. For instance, there’s no way whatsoever that any particular dealer’s idiosyncrasies can affect the outcome of a roulette wheel spin. Moreover, you should’t buy in to the myth that environmental conditions affect the roulette wheel itself in any way. Thus, this should have no bearing on how to calculate your roulette odds while placing your bets.

Finally, historically there have been some really big winners at roulette.

Some of the biggest roulette winners have simply trained themselves to master roulette strategy. Rather than relying solely on their own intellect, some roulette masters formed teams of multiple participants that over time were able to win substantial sums of money from the casinos they played at.

Then there are the REAL gamblers who had the guts to quite literally “risk it all” in the hopes of landing a single huge score. Many casinos have been known to take bets in the 5- and even 6-figure range from gamblers looking to double their money in a single roulette spin. For some lucky few, things worked out, but we wouldn’t advise risking everything you’ve got, especially in a single spin, no matter how tempting the payout.

While you don’t have to go so far as to wager your entire life savings on the outcome of an online roulette spin, you definitely have the potential to join the ranks of the game’s biggest winners in the long run with sustained online roulette betting excellence.

So, whip out your handy roulette odds calculator and bet smart to start building your bankroll!



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