How casinos in airport can make your layover much more attractive

Hundreds of millions of people fly around the world every year and the world’s airports are busier than ever, each and every day. Usually, international flying regulations mandate that you arrive a few hours early at airports before taking off. After going through the mandatory security checks, this usually leaves travelers with lots of dead time to kill before boarding their next flight. The same holds true for passengers on connecting flights, who sometimes have to wait up to half a day in an airport before proceeding on to their final destination.

What to do with all that downtime? Often, you just don’t have too much recourse. You could surf the Internet on your mobile device, take up the age-old pastime of reading a book or newspaper, or of course spend some time lounging in an airport eatery. Sounds exciting? Yeah, that’s what we thought. How about filling your time with heart-stopping casino action? That’s right up our alley!


Interestingly, however, the airports at which you’ll find a casino waiting to take your bets are relatively few and far between. That said, there are a few places to fly into and out of that make the airport wait (or layover) that much more pleasant by offering you – so long as you’re of legal age – a good gamble. Casinos in airports are quite simply a great place to pass the time until you board your flight.

Slot machines at McCarran International, Las Vegas

Slots at McCarran Vegas Airport

As Las Vegas still maintains the unofficial title of “world’s gambling Mecca”, you’d be right to assume that there’s gambling to be had right when you arrive in the city via aircraft. Las Vegas is located in Nevada, where, by law, gambling is permitted anywhere within state borders (so long as the location is licensed, of course). So, while there’s no official “casino” in the airport, per se, there’s gambling available everywhere you look.

As soon as you step off the plane into the terminal, you’ll be greeted by that familiar ringing of slot machine bells. With thousands of slots and video poker machines located throughout the airport, your betting needs are catered to wherever you are at McCarran International, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By the same token, if you’re headed out of Sin City and haven’t yet had your fill of gambling, those one-armed bandits will be there to scratch that itch one last time before you jet off. Many travelers have told stories of using this opportunity for a few spins of the reels, ending up with stories of winning big jackpots!

Note that you have to be over 21 years of age to play and you may have to produce ID upon request. Also, all the gambling offerings you’ll find will be electronic (i.e., no blackjack, roulette, or other table games).

What else can I do there besides gamble?

  • Whether you’ve got kids of your own or you’re just a big kid at heart, you can head over to McCarran’s aviation-themed play area. Mock jets, a control tower, and more await your arrival.
  • Last-minute shopping for Las Vegas paraphernalia before you jet away is quite popular, as typically visitors are too busy gambling and partying while on vacation in Sin City. McCarran Airport has plenty of stores that fit the bill – and that’ll leave you with a big one. Be prepared to say bye bye to Vegas – and whatever’s left of your bankroll.


Where do I find the slot machines?

  • To your right and left, as well as in front of you and behind you. Simply put, the slot machines are located everywhere throughout the airport, both in the Arrivals Hall as well as in the Departure area.


Holland Casino at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

Holland Casino Schiphol Amsterdam

The Netherlands has long had a reputation for being particularly “open” country, with lax rules for all sorts of vices, whether referring to gambling, recreational drug use, or activities of the consensual “interpersonal” nature. With regards to gambling activities, Holland Casino is a national institution, with branches all over the country. One such branch – possibly the most visited in terms of pure foot traffic – is the Holland Casino located right in the heart of Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Open each day from dawn till dusk (6:30AM–7:45PM), you need to be just 18 years of age to enter the Holland Casino at Schiphol. While entry is free, you must present your passport to be admitted. If you’re wandering around the airport in search of the casino, know that it can be found between gates E and F, right near the customs area.

Once inside, you can enjoy slots galore as well as thrilling table games like Roulette and Blackjack.

Where can I find the Casino?

  • Between gates E and F, right near the customs area


What else can I do in Schiphol airport besides gamble?

  • You can exit the airport casino at Schiphol and head over to the annex of the Rijksmuseum. Get cultured while observing some phenomenal works of art, open from 7AM–8PM. Best of all, it’s free!
  • There’s unlimited free WiFi (need we say more?)
  • Go for a workout at the Sheraton Hotel Fitness & Spa (€20 fee)
  • Visit the Schipol Library – plenty of free books and comfy chairs available


Casino in Frankfurt Airport, Germany

Casino Franfurt Airport

A casino airport doesn’t necessarily have to be large in size to offer loads of wagering enjoyment. Remember this next time you’re passing through the airport in Frankfurt, Germany and looking for a good gamble. While the casino is pretty small, the airport itself is pretty immense, so it pays to know the location in advance: Airport Casino Frankfurt can be found in Terminal 1, Departure Area C, right across from Gate 8.

Open from 7AM–10PM, there’s plenty of time to get your juices flowing here at one of a couple dozen slot machine games. For those who prefer live table game action, you’ll also find Blackjack available as well as American Roulette. It’s free to enter Airport Casino Frankfurt so long as you’re 18 or over and have your passport with you.

Note that you’ll be “out of luck” if you plan on traveling via Frankfurt on Christmas (or some other public holidays like Good Friday), as the casino will be closed.

Where do I find the Airport Casino?

  • Airport Casino Frankfurt can be found in Terminal 1, Departure Area C, right across from Gate 8.


Casino Airport, Australia

When compiling a list of “world’s best airport casinos”, how could we not include an airport that itself is called “Casino Airport”?! Then again, before you get caught thinking that there’s an entire airport that doubles as a magnificent casino palace of gambling, it actually couldn’t be further from the truth.

Located in New South Wales, Australia, this airport sadly has nothing at all to do with casino gambling much like its IATA symbol (CSI) has nothing to do with the popular television show. Rather, it services the small Down Under town of Casino (population 9,400). When you think about it though, there’s got to be some sort of marketing opportunity in there somehow, no?

What else can I do there besides gamble?

  • As mentioned, you can’t really gamble at Australia’s Casino Airport. You can, however, log on to the Internet on your mobile device and scratch your gambling itch at your favorite mobile casino.
  • Last-minute shopping, cafes and restaurants, and some good reading always makes an airport layover pass by more quickly.



It’s a real wonder why there aren’t more airports around the world outfitted with casino establishments. Perhaps after this article pumps up people’s adrenaline levels, maybe even catching the eye of higher-ups who’ve got some say in the matter, we might see additional casinos popping up in some more airports around the world.

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