How well do you know casino movies?



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1.       Ocean’s Eleven, starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Andy Garcia and Julia Roberts (and a cast of many others!) was such a critical success that more movies in the series were made. But how many ‘Oceans’ movies IN TOTAL have there been?

a.       Three

b.      Eleven

c.       Four

2.       Casino-related movie and ‘Bromance’ trilogy ‘The Hangover’ was a massive box-office success, being even more successful with each new movie in the franchise’s release. But which film of the three was the second highest grossing R-rated comedy in the US, to date?

a.       The Hangover

b.      The Hangover II

c.       The Hangover III

3.       2013s casino-themed movie ‘Last Vegas’ starred, amongst others, acting legends Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas and Kevin Kline. But what is the combined age of the four above actors at the time of the movie’s release?

a.       277

b.      268

c.       250

4.       ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ is the 1998 film based on Hunter S. Thompson’s 1971 semi-autobiographical novel. But what do the characters played by Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro do while in Las Vegas?

a.       Depp’s character is writing an article about a motorcycle race taking place there

b.      They are going to a convention and a casino

c.       Their characters take a lot of drugs and spend their time there hallucinating lizards and bats

5.       We all love movies which are based on real life events… so which of these movies about casinos are based on true stories?

a.       Casino

b.      The Bling Ring

c.       21

6.       On-screen brothers Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise star together in an incredibly famous movie with an all-important scene in a casino. But what was the movie called?

a.       The Graduate

b.      Magnolia

c.       Rain Man

7.       Ah, costumes – casino movies are often full of them, with only the most glitzy and glamorous clothes being used on screen! But which casino movie had one of the biggest costume budgets of all time (for a casino-themed film)?

a.       Casino (1995)

b.      The Gambler (2014)

c.       The Hangover III (2013)

8.       ‘The Gambler’ seems to be a popular title for movies about casinos – indeed there’s a huge amount of movies with that title! So then, how many English-language movies are there named ‘The Gambler’?

a.       14

b.      8

c.       10

d.      4

9.       The 2005 film ‘Two For the Money’ starred two massive Hollywood heavyweights. But which dynamic leading-man duo does the title refer to?

a.       Matthew McConaughey and Al Pacino,

b.      Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro

c.       Channing Tatum and John Voight

10.   James Bond is one of the most well-known casino-lovers around! Across the various James Bond movies (especially in Casino Royale), he is seen playing several different casino games. But which, according to his creator Ian Fleming, is Bond’s favorite casino game to play?

a.       Baccarat Chemin de Fer

b.      Texas Hold’em Poker


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