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Baccarat strategy employed properly will not only result in your winning more hands, but more money to boot. In fact, beating the house is a considerably easier feat in baccarat than in virtually any other casino game, online or off. This – mind you – should not come as a surprise given that the chances of you winning at baccarat are 50/50; fantastic odds indeed! What this implies is that, by capitalizing on the correct online baccarat strategy, you can potentially score some very serious cash, both in the long and short runs.

There are a number of fundamental baccarat strategies you can use to augment your chances of winning. Indeed there are a number of very famous baccarat strategies which have been used by players for literally hundreds of years. These include the Martingale System, D'Alembert System, Contra D'Alembert, Labouchere System, and Fibonacci System. Each aforementioned online baccarat strategy is designed for different types of players and can take what is basically a very simple game to a much higher level. Below are very brief descriptions of these popular systems:

Martingale Baccarat Strategy - a ‘tried and true’ off and online baccarat strategy being capitalised on for more than 300 years.

D'Alembert Baccarat Strategy - depending on whether a bet wins or losses, your subsequent bet is either increased or decreased.

Contra D’Alembert Baccarat System - designed for bigger risk-takers bent on maximizing their winning streaks.

Labouchere Baccarat Strategy - a 'loss cancellation' technique said to be a safer online baccarat strategy than most others due to its built-in risk preparation method.

Fibonacci Baccarat Strategy - ideal for the average player, this system protects you from small losses, enabling you to break even more easily and then cash in big time when you hit a winning streak.

Online baccarat strategy: The basics

In addition to the various ‘famous’ systems mentioned briefly above are certain fundamentals every baccarat player should adhere to in order to ensure a more enjoyable playing experience each and every time. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a much better - and hopefully richer baccarat player.

1. Always establish a limit for yourself both of how much money you realistically aim to win, as well as how much you are prepared to lose. This is not only an online baccarat strategy, but a ‘rule of thumb’ for any casino game.

2. Keep track of all your bets, wins and losses, and make sure you do not exceed your set win/loss limits.

3. Remember, your short-term chances of winning at baccarat are unusually high. Thus it’s vital that you pay particular attention to your betting systems.

4. Quit while you’re ahead (perhaps the best baccarat strategy of all).

5. Look out for winning or losing streaks and adjust your play accordingly.

6. Forget about card counting, especially as an online baccarat strategy.

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