Online Card Games History

The online casino card games history is relatively short and rooted in regular card game forms, naturally. But where exactly did the first card games come from, and how did these games make their way onto the internet? Perhaps more importantly, how did online card games become as popular as they are? Many historians believe playing cards originated in China, given that this is where paper was first invented. Later, playing cards found their way into Europe via the Islamic world back in the 14th century. The Muslim symbols on the cards (swords, cups) were subsequently replaced by royalty, namely Kings, Queens and Jacks.

Everything old is new again

One look at the online card games history and it is easy to draw a number of similarities between traditional card game-playing and that of its web-based counterpart. Online or off, a standard card deck today comprises 52 cards. These, of course, are generally divided into four separate suits: diamonds, clubs, spades, and hearts. Each suit includes 13 ranks ranging from the number two (deuce) to 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. Not all card games are played with a standard deck. In addition to the 52 cards, some card games include Jokers. Other games require you to remove certain cards from the deck, such as those below a certain rank. Card games played in traditional land casinos also typically played with a number of decks in order to prevent players from ‘counting cards.’ Online casinos also employ multiple decks, which are often shuffled after every hand in order to ensure fair gaming.

Online card games history in the making

The first online card games arrived - you guessed it - with the advent of gambling over the World Wide Web. Though the first online casinos only opened their virtual doors no more than 15 years ago, today the online gaming industry ranks among the largest sectors on the entire web. And what’s more, the variety of online card games is exploding as more and more people are getting into the gaming groove. The number and variety of card games is wide, and that’s an understatement if there ever was one. If it’s a game played in a land casino, you can bet you’ll find it here online. Blackjack, baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Tequila Poker, Red Dog, and casino hold’em are just some of the games offered. But to fully understand how the online card games history has evolved, simply help yourself to any of the numerous progressive card games available. Try your luck (and skill) at any of these massive progressive jackpots and you too could be making online card games history.

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