Online Craps History

Online Craps History

The casino school teaches us that online craps history is relatively short seeing as how the online gambling phenomenon has only been in existence since the early 1990s. It’s pretty safe to assume that the game of craps has been around nearly as long as there have been dice, which are believed to have originated sometime between 4,000 and 5,000 years ago - give or take a century.

A dicey online craps history

Of all the tools associated with gambling, dice are undoubtedly the oldest. According to some historians, dice were originally created from (dead) animal anklebones, hence the expression ‘roll the bones.’ In addition to bone, other materials used for making dice included ivory, metal, wood, and stone. Even today, modern Mongolians continue to use dice made of bone in a game known as Shagai. They are also know to use these dice for fortune telling. (Fortune telling and gambling, huh? Almost takes all the fun out of winning mountains of cash. Almost.) The oldest known dice ever found were excavated from an archaeological dig in Iran’s Burnt City and said to have belonged to a backgammon set dating back five thousand years. Now that’s what we call way, way, way backgammon!

The beginning of online craps history

Although the history of craps is still somewhat blurred, it is certain that the game was derived from another game 12th century known as Hazard. Some online craps history buffs believe the Jerusalem-born William of Tyre (1130-1185) and his Crusader pals invented the game as a way to kill time while laying siege to a castle known as Hazarth. Of course, the rules of the game have changed considerably over the years. Hazard was subsequently renamed craps by the French. By the turn of the 20th century, craps was believed to be the most-played casino game around the world. Today, an estimated 30 million Americans play craps. With the arrival of the internet, followed by the massive proliferation of online gambling websites, online craps history began taking on a life of its own. Today, online craps ranks way up there with all of the other extremely popular casino games.

The future of online craps history

With the advancements in technology evolving by the day, no one can possibly forecast precisely how online craps will progress. One thing is for sure: the best is yet to come, and soon! Today’s online craps games are incredibly realistic and user friendly. It’s no secret that players are getting off on the same sort of adrenalin rushe when playing craps in the comfort of their own homes, like they do in land casinos. It is safe to say, with respect to online craps history, we’ve only just begun. Best of luck playing online craps!

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