Online Slots History

Online Slots History

The history of slot machines is hardly extensive when compared to other casino games, and given that online casinos emerged less than 20 years ago, it stands to reason that the online slots history is even shorter. Ever since the advent of the very first slot machine, this all-time-favorite game’s evolution is nothing short of fantastic. Also, because slots are so new to the scene, the game’s origins are recorded far better than say, craps, whose history dates back almost a thousand years, according to some historians.

Online slots history actually began taking shape over 135 years ago. Prototypes of the earliest slot machine appeared around 1870, but it was eighteen years later, in 1887, when Charles Fey introduced the first slot machine. This machine was not so different from the modern slots games played in casinos today. Although Charles Fey is not credited with having introduced the concept behind how slot machines function, he shall long be remembered as the “Father of Slots” in books depicting the offline as well as the online slots history.

Today’s slot machines are estimated to account for approximately 70% of a land casino’s entire income, hence the seemingly endless row of one-armed bandits greeting you the moment you enter a casino. To this day, slots continue to provide some of the greatest gaming thrills known to humankind. The Americans call them slot machines and the British fruit machines but Australian players call them online pokies.The future of online slots, history will prove, is only in its infancy - and excitingly infinite in potential.

Keeping it reel - Online slots history

Never in his wildest dreams could Charles Fey have imagined he’d be credited with writing online slots history. From his California-based home he created a relatively simple machine containing 3 independent spinning reels. Each reel featured 5 different symbols including diamonds, spades, hearts, horseshoes, and the well-known Liberty Bell. The machine's simplicity also enabled Fey to integrate an effective as well as automatic method for paying out players’ winnings. Slots players scoring a 3 liberty bell combo were awarded the grandest payout of all, ten nickels, or fifty cents.

Unsurprisingly, the original slot machines fast became affectionately known as the Liberty Bell. The game’s unprecedented success and popularity meant that many operators of gaming establishments could not get their hands on enough of the so-called ‘slot machines’ to satisfy the demand.

Online slots, a history in the making

With his slot machine’s fantastic success, in 1907 Charles Fey agreed to a partnership with Chicago’s Mills Novelty Company. While considered a non-event at the time, never in his wildest dreams could Fey have fathomed the extent to which his historic decision to partner with Mills would stretch. The joint venture immediately allowed for dramatic improvements to the slots originally designed by Fey. Fruit-like symbols became all the rage when the Mills Novelty Company unveiled the Operator Bell slot machine in 1910.

Lots & lots of online slots

History is a guide, and given the diversity of online slot games available thus far, one need not be a rocket scientist to predict that tons more are on their way. Today’s online versions of Charles Fey’s invention - enjoyed by millions of players the world over - are based on, you guessed it, computer technology. In fact, each online casino’s slots game functions according to a built-in random number generator (RNG). This ensures that the result of each and every round of play remains random and in accordance with the online gaming industry’s fair gaming practices. The more reputable online casino companies also subject their random number generators to regular audits by independent firms. We’re sure that Charles Fey would be impressed!

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