Online Slots Rules

Online Slots Rules

Online slots rules could not be any simpler. However, given that there are so many variations in slot machine games, familiarizing yourself with these nuances can dramatically boost your overall chances of winning that mega jackpot. So, to help you improve your odds of winning, we've prepared the following basic rules, options and other variables of which any online slots player ought to be aware.

Online slots rules - The basics

The first slot machines were designed with mechanical reels, which would spin each time a player deposited coins and pulled the handle, hence, the name 'one-armed bandits'. When the reels stopped spinning, 3 random symbols would appear across the middle and whenever the 3 symbols matched, the player would win. However, the slots games found in casinos today are operated digitally and feature a video screen that indicates the various symbols. In order to ensure that the casino also plays by the online slots rules, pre-programmed random number generators (RNG) are built into every machine to determine the outcome of each round of play. Online slots games also utilize random number generators, and just like land casinos, the slots games that are enjoyed by millions of online gamblers are also audited regularly by independent firms. This safety measure ensures that fair-gaming practices are adhered to by casino operators.

Online slots variations

While the number and variety of different types of slots games is virtually infinite, online slots rules are simple and few. New, varied and exciting games are constantly being introduced to both land based and online casinos, with the main difference being merely cosmetic. As there are so many different slots themes, most machines tend to be original with their symbols and characters. The rules of the slots are simple to master and the basic principles are the same, however, there are variations to the rules that every player should take into account prior to playing. These variations are described below.

Multi-line online slots games

The online slots rules relating to multiplier games are also very straightforward. Simply put, a multiplier game is one in which the more coins you insert into the slot machine, the more money you can win. Every additional coin inserted multiplies the value of the winning payout. For instance, when inserting a single coin, a winning round may payoff perhaps 10 times the value of that single coin. However, if you win after wagering five coins, your payoff will be 50 times the value! Different online slots rules apply to different games, such as the maximum number of coins you can bet in a single round of play.

Progressive online slots rules

Live or online, progressive slots are among the most popular casino games played today. This popularity is due to the massive payoffs players often win in these games. A progressive slot machine allots a portion of each bet entered into a progressive jackpot pool which is linked to any number of other slots games. When you consider just how large these jackpots can and do grow - with so many players contributing to it - it's easy to fathom how slots players can walk away with million-dollar-plus winnings.

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