Getting Started

Interested in joining Casino Tropez, but need some help getting started? You’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for all the important information you’ll need to get started playing at Casino Tropez including how to create an account, how to log in, and how to access your favorite casino games.

If you need any further assistance you can have a look through the Casino Tropez FAQs or contact Support.

Create an account

The very first thing you need to do to get started is create a Casino Tropez account. You can do this in one of two ways:

1) If you would like to have the casino software readily available from your desktop we recommend that you download Casino Tropez. Once you’ve done that it’s time to begin the account setup process. Double click on the Casino Tropez icon which can now be found on your desktop. Then click ‘Play for Real Money’. Remember, when setting up your Real Money account it is crucial that you use valid (i.e. true) personal details so that you will be able to collect your winnings.

2) If you would like to play directly from the Casino Tropez site, from any computer with an internet connection, sign up for instant web play by clicking the ‘Register now!’ link which is found at the top of all pages on the Casino Tropez website. Just fill in the form and you’re done.

Once you’ve created a Casino Tropez account you can automatically use the same username and password to log in from the web, from the software on your desktop, and from Casino Tropez Mobile.

Log in

Now that you’ve created your Casino Tropez account, you’re ready to start playing!

Double click on the Casino Tropez icon on your desktop (if you haven’t already done so) to open the casino software and enter your username and the password you selected during the signup process to log in.

If you want to add a more memorable nickname to your account (to be displayed during Live Games and multiplayer games), this is the time.

Get to know the casino lobby

Once you log in you will find yourself in what is known as the casino lobby. The casino lobby is where you will find everything you need for the best online gambling experience of your life.

Have a look around.  In addition to your game options (slots, roulette, blackjack etc.) you will find the following:

Current balance -The current balance in your casino account.

Cashier and quick deposit options -To fund your casino account (found directly beneath your current balance).

Online support -For 24/7 online chat assistance for anything Casino Tropez related.

Help -General information on Casino Tropez including more on getting started, cashier assistance, and game details and rules.

Customization options -To personalize your casino experience (more below).

Invite a friend -A direct link to our Refer a Friend offer.

Latest promotions -A quick overview of all our latest bonus promotions.

Contact us -A quick overview of all our contact information including email, phone and fax numbers.

Play a game

The real fun begins when you start to play. Browse the games in the Casino Tropez lobby, find one you like and click.

The game you have selected will open in a new window unless you change that under ‘Options’ (more below).

If you need any further information on the game you have selected you can always have a look through our ‘Help’ section. If not, you’re ready to win.

Now place your wagers and play!

Customize your experience

By clicking on the ‘Options’ button (found under the ‘Menu’ link in the bottom right corner of the casino lobby), you can personalize your Casino Tropez experience. Some of the features you can customize include the game speed, sound effects, dealer voice, screen size and more.


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