Casino Tropez Reviews the Android App Inventor

A saddening by-product of heavy smartphone usage is that some of us have developed a habit of converting every good idea that comes up during the day into an “app idea”. On the other hand, at least people are using their brains. Or are they? In my books, just coming up with an idea is not enough. Following it through, embracing the process, and going through the dark patches of uncertainty is what it’s really all about.

And that’s where the Android App Inventor comes in. The next time inspiration strikes with a remarkable idea don’t just pat yourself on the back and crumple the thought up - make it happen! This new program aims to provide those of us who do not have any prior programming knowledge with a tool for the creation of android apps. The Android App Inventor is supposed to be easy enough to use so that just about anyone can build an original mobile application from the beginning to the end.

Are we skeptical? Ya-ha we are, but we’re still giving it a chance. The Android App Inventor is a simplified system which uses a building block method to represent the programming process. Users construct their apps by filling out one building block and moving onto the next. The really cool part about the system is that all the phone’s utilities – audio, graphics, cameras, light and movement sensors – can be harnessed and used to achieve an application’s goal.

The idea is great and the program does seem pretty straight-forward. It has a clean design, and uses colored tabs and clear menus to make things as simple as possible. If the program succeeds in reaching its goal – to allow anyone to be able to create an application – will there be a huge influx of useless apps into the market? Are we facing a wave of application sewage? Well, some might say that that wave has already hit us anyway.

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