SmartSwipe seems like the smart way to swipe

Casino Tropez Mobile reviews the SmartSwipe personal card reader

Protect your credit card information by making your online purchases with a personal credit card reader. Read our SmartSwipe review for all the details.

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The Tables are Turning...and Dialing

Casino Tropez Mobile introduces you to the Table Connect

For those of you who feel there aren’t enough screens blaring at you throughout the day, this one’s for you! The developers of the Table Connect are racing ahead in an attempt to create the first iPhone table...

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Don't Stop Grooving

Casino Tropez Mobile reviews a great gadget for drivers

We’ve come across a great product for those of you smartphone users who do a lot of driving. Defined as a wireless stereo FM transmitter, this mobile gadget isn’t just another piece of useless junk, rather it’s a very practical device that has some great features...

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Gimmicky, but Green

Casino Tropez Mobile reviews the HYmini charger

A new gadget is being marketed as a solution to some of our wasteful behaviors, and even though it can be argued how much of a difference the HYmini device can actually make, it is still a really neat idea...

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Send Text Messages While Swimming?

Casino Tropez Mobile reviews the Floating DryCase

One of the latest mobile phone gadgets to hit the market is the Floating DryCase. If you often find yourself in situations where a lot of water is involved, but still need to be able to use your mobile phone, then this could be a great solution for you...

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A Mobile Phone Gadget That Will Electrify You

Casino Tropez Mobile reviews the Powermat

We are living in a time when consumers are being bombarded with new products that appear on the market every single day. Still, it’s quite rare that we come across a gadget that actually has an added value that can justify its existence in this world of buttons, beeps, and flashing lights...

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