Send Text Messages While Swimming?

One of the latest mobile phone gadgets to hit the market is the Floating DryCase. If you often find yourself in situations where a lot of water is involved, but still need to be able to use your mobile phone, then this could be a great solution for you.

Most mobile phones aren’t that sturdy, and they definitely are far from being waterproof. The Floating DryCase is guaranteed to keep your phone 100% dry even when submerged completely underwater. In fact, just to make sure, a vendor offering the Floating DryCase claims that every single case is re-tested just before it’s sent to a customer. The test involves keeping a phone underwater for about 10 hours before being shipped out. After all, a faulty case could result in the loss of hundreds of dollars (depending on which phone you own).

The Floating DryCase is basically an upgraded Ziploc bag. The difference is that it comes with a neat armband, preventing your phone from sinking to the bottom of the ocean, river, or swimming pool that you are swimming in, or standing next to.

Because the bag is transparent, you can still use your phone as usual without exposing it to all those harsh elements. This is clearly an important feature as the functionality of the phone is maintained without having to compromise its safety. Flip-phones are more problematic as the bag may make it difficult to open the phone.

Another great feature is that you can still use the camera of your phone, turning any smartphone into an underwater camera. Plus, for added entertainment value, the Floating DryCase comes with a stereo and microphone jack built-in.


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