Casino Tropez Reviews the HYmini Charging Device

A lot can be said about the hype surrounding the drastic rise in environmental awareness. Still, our planet is in pretty bad shape considering how short a time us humans have actually been running things.

A new gadget is being marketed as a solution to some of our wasteful behaviors, and even though it can be argued how much of a difference can the HYmini device actually make, it is still a really neat idea. The HYmini is basically a portable charging device that has the ability to draw its energy from two renewable energy sources – the wind and the sun. You can attach the HYmini to your bike while you ride, or to your arm while you run. The passing air moves the small ventilator blades which in turn charge a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

The HYmini comes with a solar panel which can also be used to charge the battery. Connect multiple solar panels and you’ll be juiced up in no time. Although the solar panel is a great addition to this product, it’s not well integrated into the overall design as it requires an external connection, and no storage or mounting solution is provided.

Another nice “green” benefit of the HYmini is the fact that it is mostly produced from sustainable materials such as polyactic acid which is created from corn starch or sugar. This means that it is biodegradable and will not add to the growing amount of synthetic garbage that we are burying underground, pouring into the oceans, or sending into space.

The HYmini is designed to charge an impressive number of products which is a vital feature of any charging device. You can charge mobile phones, MP3 players, PDAs and lots of other mobile devices from a large number of manufacturers.

Another advantage of the HYmini is the fact that it can always be charged using traditional methods. Plugging it into the wall or into your computer’s USB jack is also an option and may be useful when you need a quick-and-ready power supply when there simply isn’t another one around. Being both environmentally friendly and very practical, the HYmini definitely qualifies as a really cool mobile gadget.


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