A Mobile Phone Gadget That Will Electrify You

We are living in a time when consumers are being bombarded with new products that appear on the market every single day. Still, it’s quite rare that we come across a gadget that actually has an added value that can justify its existence in this world of buttons, beeps, and flashing lights. A common occurrence in this age of accelerating technological progress is the creation of “stuff”. Objects are produced to fill a certain niche in the market, usually based on price, and often with little connection to an aspiration of invention, or the achievement of a new level of quality.

On a business trip last year, lugging around a bag filled with “wall-warts” for my arsenal of gadgets, I discovered the need for a product, and lo and behold, after a quick internet search (and some $’s out of my PayPal account) I was holding the answer I sought in my own two hands – a Powermat.

The Powermat is a wireless charger for mobile devices, and it is very likely to change the way we use our electronic tools. Since that first buy, Powermat has developed, and at the 2010 CTIA convention, the company displayed a number of new products that are due to be released later this year. The new products are basically three configurations of the mat: one for a single device, the second for two devices, and the third for a number of devices so you can charge your kids’ mobile games devices alongside your smartphone and portable music player. Finally, a product that actually makes life easier and not more complicated!

The Powermat’s advantages over its main competitor – the Wildcharge – can only really be seen in the finer details. Firstly, its attractive design simply makes it more desirable than the WildCharge (a sleek and sexy look is always an important factor in the world of mobile gadgets). Secondly, the Powermat is compatible with such a wide range of devices that I’d be surprised to find even one that it could not charge successfully.

In short, the Powermat is already a really useful device, but it will be interesting to see how the world of wireless charging develops in the next few years.


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