SmartSwipe Personal Credit Card Reader

Swipe your credit card from the comfort of home.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You are all ready to make your online purchase. You’ve double-checked to make sure your phone number and billing address are correct as your eyes quickly dart back and forth about 15 times between the computer screen and your hand to make sure you typed all the right numbers from your credit card.

And then it happens.

You click the ‘Purchase’ button on the website to complete the transaction, and the same website seems to refresh itself. But this time red warnings appear at the top telling you your password was not long or strong enough or you forgot to fill out your zip code, and all of your important information has been deleted.

Now, you need to fill out every. little. detail. again.

Here’s where SmartSwipe comes in. Essentially it is a personal credit card swiper which you can use for all your online purchases, wherever you are.

This small and very portable device plugs easily into your home computer or smartphone, effectively removing all feelings of frustration from the process of making online credit card purchases.

To get this handy gadget working quickly, simply download the accompanying software, hook it up to a USB port and start swiping safely and securely. The scanner automatically encrypts your private information, protecting you from credit card theft.

So while there’s no show-stopping, world-changing technology found in the SmartSwipe personal credit card scanner, we still felt it was worthy of review because we all spend a lot of time making online purchases and half of that time is being spent throwing the mouse at the computer yelling at the little red messages (not that such things ever happen when making a deposit at Casino Tropez).

We don’t know about you, but we have other things we could be spending our time doing.

Why else do we like the SmartSwipe? Its affordability puts it in our hands for a cool price range of $20-$45.


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