The Tables are Turning...and Dialing

For those of you who feel there aren’t enough screens blaring at you throughout the day, this one’s for you! The developers of the Table Connect are racing ahead in an attempt to create the first iPhone table. I say “racing” because apparently, they’re not the only ones trying to develop such a device.

Imagine waking up in the morning to your iPhone’s alarm; checking the time on your iPhone’s clock; seeing if you have any messages with your iPhone’s browser; picking up your iPad to have a look at the headlines; and sitting down to eat a bowl of cereal at your iPhone table. That’s before you’ve even sat down to work on your Apple desktop!

So what will the Table Connect actually offer society? It’s a pretty simple concept. The table allows you to connect your iPhone to it, becoming a “mirror” of whatever’s happening on your phone. But this isn’t just a “bigger is better” concept. Although many might be blown away with the idea of enjoying their favorite apps on a 58 inch touchscreen, this change in dimensions will completely transform the interaction with the device. Most importantly, it will enable a multi-user experience not explored by the regular iPhone.

Although seemingly outrageous, the possibilities of such a device are really quite intriguing. From multiplayer games to work stations, this could be the first in a new line of table devices serving a variety of functions.

Of course, there is always the chance that we are looking at another gimmicky idea that receives lots of cyberspace attention, but doesn’t actually get consumers to part with their money. After all, although prices have not been advertised, this thing will not be cheap.


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