iPhone 4 Ever and Ever?

Things are starting to repeat themselves, and the cycle goes something like this:

1) Apple announces the date of the release of the next iPhone.
2) Predictions are made and expectations begin to grow.
3) Steve Jobs shows off the latest iPhone in front of a huge screen.
4) People start buying.
5) Internet sites become filled with “For” and “Against” views of the new iPhone.
6) Hype slowly dies down.
7) Cycle repeats from stage 1.

Regarding the latest iPhone – the iPhone4 – we are currently at stage 5. So here goes…

The iPhone 4 has hit the market, and like the release of previous Apple phones, is sending ripples through the mobile phone industry. It does have its disadvantages, but the general feeling is that this impressive piece of mobile equipment is better than the iPhone 3 which at the end of the day is the only thing that really matters.

I‘m not going to list all the tiny nuances that make this iPhone different from those that came before it, but I will mention the main features that make it stand out.


The iPhone 4 has been physically re-designed. I wouldn’t call this a drastic change in design concept, but it is a styling modification which in my opinion is superior to the iPhone 3. The iPhone 4 is 9.3 mm thick (I should probably say thin) making it 24% thinner than the iPhone 3. It has a straight metallic edge and glass on the front and back. Overall, the phone has a very clean and functional look while still staying stylish. Some may say that it is a little boring visually, but personally I don’t believe that a phone should be a work of art anyway.


With the ever-growing multitude of applications on offer, being restricted to using only one app at a time doesn’t really make sense. Finally, the iPhone 4 lets you make the most of your favorite apps by letting you use them simultaneously. Chat with friends while playing one of our exciting casino applications.


Take a good, long look at the iPhone 4’s screen. You won’t find a pixel in sight. In fact, the iPhone 4’s resolution squeezes 326 pixels into each inch. Human eyesight can only process around 300 pixels per inch so there can’t physically be a better, clearer display than what is currently being offered by the iPhone 4.


The iPhone 4 is the first iPhone to come with a flash, and an HD feature that records 720p at 30fps.


This great piece of software lets you edit footage that you capture with your iPhone, and put it together to create HD movies.

Face Time

The iPhone 4 offers “Face Time”, a feature that allows users to speak directly through a video interface. Although this feature is very powerful, it can only be used through a Wi-Fi connection. Oh well. There has to be something to justify the release of the iPhone 5!


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