Santa Is Hooked on Smartphones!

Yup, it’s that time of the year again. Shopping can be fun, but when you’re buying stuff for other people it can be downright perplexing. Things become especially difficult when you realize that not everyone would be really happy with something as simple as a good bottle of whiskey. Kids these days…

Anyway, many of you may have considered buying that someone special a smartphone to show your love. Considering the rising popularity of these super hi-tech toys, smartphones have become a pretty cool gift option.

Is Grandma an iPhone 4 or a Blackberry kinda gal?

We understand that picking the right phone to match someone else’s needs and taste may be very overwhelming so we’ve created a short list of just a few of our favorite smartphones from which to choose.

Hopefully this helps…

The "Business Shark"

Character: Business orientated; looking for high-performance and style.
Smartphone: Motorola Droid PRO
Summary: It’s become household knowledge that Blackberry is associated with business, but the awesomeness of Android is beginning to threaten this market too. The Droid PRO is exactly that – it’s for professionals. It is a high-performance communication machine with a full QWERTY keyboard and a sleek and serious design. Its large 3.1” display is another advantage over Blackberry models.

The "Young Social Animal"

Character: Fun fun fun, Facebook/Twitter addict; trendy.
Smartphone: LG Dlite
Summary: The Dlite is a phone that is not attempting to solve the world’s communications problems. Still, it may be the perfect answer to that Facebook freak in your life. Probably best suited to ages 11-14 (but by no means exclusively), this phone has been stylishly designed and packed full of gimmicky goodies just perfect for sending an “I heart you” to your best buddy on a long bus ride to school.

The "Geeky Gadget Lover"

Character: The more features, the merrier; entertainment freak.
Smartphone: Samsung Epic 4G
Summary: This is one of those devices that prompts the question, “Should this still be called a phone?” Packed with features, great for typing, fantastic for watching movies, and set up with the Android OS, this smartphone is guaranteed to satisfy any tech-savvy media lover.

Everyone Else

Character: Anyone who appreciates entertainment, high-performance, and an easy-to-use phone.
Smartphone: Apple iPhone 4
Summary: Yes, we know, this is probably a little too obvious. Still, we are trying to help you buy the perfect gift, and at the end of the day, the iPhone 4 makes a lot of people happy. The myriad of apps that are created for this device make it extremely flexible and user-friendly. It can be great for both a teenage rock fiend and a bingo-loving granny alike. Maybe that’s why they sell like trillions of these things. If you’re stuck, it’s probably your best bet.

Happy shopping!


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