Progressive Baccarat

Progressive Baccarat

Progressive Baccarat is virtually the same game as traditional baccarat, only Progressive Baccarat jackpots typically grow into massive winnings… and very, very quickly!

A Progressive Baccarat game essentially works like this: The game is linked to any number of other online casinos offering players the same progressive jackpot game. Each time someone places a wager on one progressive game, a percentage of that wager is automatically added to the shared jackpot. When a gambler achieves the result required to win, he/she is declared the winner of either the whole jackpot or part thereof, depending – of course – on that particular game's rules.

When one Progressive Baccarat Jackpot is won, a new jackpot starts building in value immediately afterwards. In order to be sure that players are guaranteed a sizeable payoff early on in the development of a progressive jackpot, each of the networked online casinos providing the same progressive game contribute a minimum amount of 'seed' money to the pot. This way, even if you hit the jackpot immediately after somebody else does, you're still guaranteed a significant win.

How to play baccarat

The aim in baccarat is to build a hand point-total as close to 9 as possible, based on a particular point system. In Progressive Baccarat aces are worth 1, all number cards are worth their face values, and tens and picture cards count as zero. If your hand total is a 2-digit number, you count the second digit as your total point value. Example: 6 + 8 = 14. Thus your hand would be worth 4 points. If the Banker has a 9 + 8 adding up to 17, the Banker wins with 7, which is closer to 9 than 4.

Progressive Baccarat betting

Betting in baccarat is also easy as pie. There are 3 possible bets a player can place: betting on the Banker's hand, the Player's hand, on a Tie, or any combo of these 3 possible outcomes. The Player and the Banker (also known as the Dealer or House) are then each dealt a two-card hand. (When played according to 'Third Card Rules' the Player and/or Banker are dealt a third card.)

Progressive Baccarat's winning hand payoffs

Betting on the Player is a 2 to 1 payoff, betting on the Banker also pays 2 to 1 (after the House's 5 percent commission or 'Vigorish'), and gambling on a Tie pays 9:1. If the Player's and Dealer's hands are equal in total point value, the outcome is a Tie, or 'Push' and the player’s wager is returned to him/her (if no bets were placed on a Tie to win).

An online Progressive Baccarat shoe comprises 6 card decks which undergo reshuffling after each played hand.

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